Trump vows to champion peace after 'fantastic' talk with pope

/ May 25, 2017

Trump vows to champion peace after 'fantastic' talk with pope

Donald Trump vowed Wednesday to use his U.S. presidency to promote global peace after meeting Pope Francis, before heading into a high-stakes summit of the world's biggest military alliance. Meeting for the first time, the president and the pontiff sidestepped deep differences over issues ranging ...

Feb 27, 2017

Guatemala authorities expel Dutch 'abortion ship'

Guatemala has expelled a Dutch "abortion ship" carrying activists who had vowed to help women circumvent the country's long-standing prohibition against terminating pregnancies, the army said Sunday. Activists from the group Women on Waves had been guarded aboard their moored sailboat by a navy vessel, ...

Oct 14, 2016

Study: China's two-child policy won't lead to population boom

A study predicts that China's loosening of its one-child policy to allow all married couples to have two children will bring only a small increase in population growth. The study, published Friday in the medical journal Lancet, recommends that China raise its retirement age to ...