Review excerpt: Eneko Bar offers most of the favorite pintxos snacks from Basque Country, from gildas (skewers of pepper, olive and anchovy) to deep-fried white fish and delectable ham croquettes.

Review excerpt: Sougo's expertise is in shōjin ryōri, the vegetarian temple cooking that traces its roots back to the Zen Buddhist masters of the 13th century.

Review excerpt: From start to finish — the appetizers at S'accapau do what they’re supposed to by perking up the palate with forthright flavors.

Compared to other watering holes in the neighborhood, Two Dogs Taproom offers the most competitive prices by far, especially if you arrive during happy hour. After 25 years in Japan, owner Mike Verweyst opened Two Dogs in 2013 with the aim of creating a ...

Open since 2010, Ant ’n Bee has a longer history than most craft beer bars in Tokyo. It has two rooms: a small non-smoking space and a stately L-shaped bar that holds all of Ant ’n Bee’s charm.

Review except: Yujiro Takahashi is a bright new star in Tokyo’s gastronomic sky. He first rose above the horizon as head chef of the excellent Le Jeu de l’Assiette in Tokyo’s Ebisu-Nishi neighborhood, where he retained the restaurant’s Michelin star for the five years ...

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