Linde has a truly impressive selection, including such hearty staples as roggenvollkornbrot (100-percent rye bread) and muslibrot (bread stuffed with oats, seeds and dried fruit -- just like muesli baked into bread) and lighter confections, like Berliner (jelly donuts).

Konig is steps from Inokashira Park and also does other picnic-ready items such as grilled sausages and leberkase ("liver cheese") sandwiches; there is also a fridge full of German beers.

On Wednesdays, the cafe closes to devote the whole day to baking and, if you order in advance, you can pick up large quantities of cinnamon rolls to go.

The menu focuses on the spicy specialties of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. But you don't have to have a full meal; you can just install yourself for an hour or two nursing a Singha beer or a Vietnamese coffee.

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