Review excerpt: Morimoto will offer diners the “Morimoto experience”: staff that are at ease when dealing with an international clientele and can speak Japanese and English — as well as other languages — and a menu that’s flexible and modern.

Review excerpt: Chef Taka Nishimura’s lively, homey and cozy tachinomiya (standing bar), Yanagi Koji Taka, in central Kyoto is crowded into an alleyway that’s only as wide as a vending machine.

Review excerpt: Sushi Shin offers a welcome sushi break from the maddening crowds beyond the noren; they just need to iron out a few wasabi kicks.

Review excerpt: The first thing you should know about Izuju’s Kyozushi (Kyoto’s sweet style of sushi) is that it’s best eaten without soy sauce. The condiment is not offered on each table, but will be provided if you ask. After visiting the restaurant, I ...

Review excerpt: Opened in 2014, the restaurant is nearly as long as it is narrow. Its counter seats six, and is angled parallel to the street. Behind the counter, in the narrowest of kitchens, Moriwaki and his staff of two move wordlessly as the ...

Grand Kitchen Tada is a good introduction to Japanese cuisine: Its dishes are varied, beautifully laid out and served to you in a gorgeous antique setting. It also stocks a nice selection of sake.

At Nishitomiya croquettes have been gentrified, but thankfully not in the pejorative sense. Price-wise they're only a little more expensive than their street brethren, but there is a little more imagination at work here in the offerings: smoked salmon and dill, dried fruit and ...

Inakatei is a gem of an izakaya. Obansai (Kyoto home-style cooking) features heavily, but not exclusively, on the menu. And if it's fish you've come in search of, then you won't be left wanting.

The soup of the day was seafood chowder, sweet and creamy but without any noticeable bits of seafood. It came with salad, mostly greens, and three silver-dollar-style pancakes, each featuring an Elk stamp.

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