Review excerpt: Yuki Kamada’s pizzas at Da Yuki are what you would expect from someone who has gone the extra mile: thin bases and sauces that complement the toppings, with rich and creamy Marrandino buffalo mozzarella.

Review excerpt: Tan, a new restaurant opened by Yuko Kuwamura, the doyenne of Kyoto cooking, the experimentation extends from the kitchen to the dining room, where there’s only one table and patrons share plates.

Hyotei is one of Kyoto's essential dining experiences, for lunch or dinner. Founded around 400 years ago, Hyotei may not be the oldest restaurant in the city -- venerable soba specialist Owariya claims that title -- but it's certainly among the most atmospheric. It ...

58 Diner's isn't a gimmick, but a good burger: a thin homemade meat patty made from lean beef and accompanied by red cabbage, fried onions and a layer of scrambled egg all enclosed in a bun.

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