Soccer / J. League | ON THE BALL Mar 26, 2002

JAWOC puts fans on hold

by Kumi Kinohara

A commercial running on Japanese TV at the moment shows an astronaut being told to go on a space trip by his boss. He complains, saying that he has tickets for some World Cup games. But his boss insists he has to go. The ...

Soccer / J. League | ON THE BALL Feb 11, 2002

Wrong time to be in the wrong place

by Kumi Kinohara

Naohiro Takahara's Argentine adventure with Boca Juniors came to a suddenly and unhappy end a few days ago when the Argentine club decided to cut short the one-year-loan deal of the Japan striker. Takahara returned home on Friday to rejoin Jubilo Iwata. According to Iwata, Boca ...

Soccer / J. League | ON THE BALL Jan 29, 2002

Bellmare looking at more than just soccer

by Kumi Kinohara

J. League second division club Shonan Bellmare is making a unique challenge to transform itself into a multi-sports organization. Shonan has decided to establish a separate, non-profit sporting organization that will focus on triathlon, beach volleyball and soccer for under-15 players. Following the launch of its ...

Soccer / J. League | ON THE BALL Dec 18, 2001

Japan aiming to boost E. Asia

by Kumi Kinohara

What can Japan do for Asia? Does Japan want to be part of Asia's soccer fraternity? It's a long-standing question, but now maybe some answers are emerging. With the World Cup boosting soccer's profile in the region, the Japan Football Association is planning to launch ...