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Ozeki Takakeisho fell to his second loss at the Autumn Grand Sumo Tournament on Sunday and dropped back into a nine-way tie for the lead.

The ozeki entered the ring on Day 8 at Tokyo’s Ryogoku Kokugikan as the last remaining rikishi with only one loss, but shot out low on his initial charge and was slapped down by No. 4 Tochinoshin (4-4) in half a second.

Takakeisho had beaten the Georgian eight times in their previous 10 meetings in the elite makuuchi division.

Before the upset of the day, No. 12 Kotoshoho and No. 14 Tobizaru each suffered their second defeat, temporarily relinquishing their share of the overnight lead.

Kotoshoho was beaten by No. 17 Ichinojo (5-3) in their first top-level meeting. The Mongolian tank got an overarm hold on Kotoshoho’s belt and used it to throw him down to the clay.

Tobizaru (6-2) lost a hard-fought battle against No. 10 Sadanoumi (3-5). The Makuuchi division rookie unleashed his arsenal against the veteran grappler but lost his balance going for a leg sweep and was thrust down.

In other bouts, sekiwake Shodai (6-2) dispatched No. 3 Myogiryu (3-5) to stay in contention for his first Emperor’s Cup. Myogiryu nimbly avoided running over the edge but Shodai drove him out as he tried to regain his footing.

Daieisho (3-5) prevailed in a sekiwake showdown with Mitakeumi (4-4). The pair traded shoves in a back-and-forth contest before Daieisho stepped on the gas and bulldozed Mitakeumi over the straw.

No. 2 Hokutofuji (3-5) rallied to beat Endo (3-5). The komusubi had his opponent on the ropes twice before Hokutofuji recovered, caught him in an armlock and used the hold to fling him down.

Komusubi Okinoumi (3-5) blasted No. 1 Takanosho (4-4) back with a hard initial hit and thrust the rank-and-filer down to pick up his third win.

Asanoyama (5-3) was granted a day of rest and picked up his fifth straight win by default after the ozeki’s scheduled opponent, No. 4 Yutakayama, withdrew with a ligament damage in his right ankle.

Yutakayama (2-6) said he twisted his ankle when his foot got caught on the straw bales as he was driven out by Takakeisho on Day 7.

He joins a list of nine wrestlers in the top two divisions who have pulled out of the meet, including both grand champions Hakuho and Kakuryu, and No. 11 Kotoshogiku (2-3-3), who returned on Day 7 after a three-day absence forced by a calf strain.

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