Hakuho reveals muscle tear in upper right arm


Yokozuna Hakuho revealed Sunday he has a muscle tear in his upper right arm following an injury in the final bout of the Spring Grand Sumo Tournament last week.

“It will take time if I have surgery. I’ll get stronger if I rest,” Hakuho said at the Ise Grand Shrine in central Japan where the spring regional tour kicked off.

The Mongolian grand champion wore an arm supporter while performing the opening ring-entering ceremony. He concluded his day by giving the athlete’s oath of fair play, and did not take part in the top-division bouts later in the afternoon.

Hakuho was seen holding his upper right arm and wincing in pain after defeating colleague Kakuryu last Sunday and securing his 42nd Emperor’s Cup with a perfect 15-0 record. He is now slated to see his attending physician for further tests.

The 34-year-old landed in hot water with the Japan Sumo Association for leading an impromptu cheer following his victory at Edion Arena Osaka in order to “rouse the crowd at the conclusion of the last grand tournament of the Heisei era.”

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