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Manny Pacquiao set to take on Adrien Broner in first U.S. bout since 2016


Manny Pacquiao fights Saturday night against welterweight Adrien Broner in a true crossroads bout that will determine a lot about his future in the ring.

Chasing a second fight with Floyd Mayweather, the WBA welterweight champ will be tested by a younger and talented fighter who has a lot to prove himself.

“I still have that killer instinct and the fire in my eyes is still there,” said the 40-year-old who weighed in at 66.2 kg on Friday.

Broner (33-3-1, 24 knockouts), has long been considered an elite fighter, lost most of his bigger fights and tends to be undisciplined in the ring.

To beat Pacquiao he will have to use his speed to match that of the Filipino senator, and figure out a way to deal with an unorthodox style that has puzzled opponents since Pacquiao began fighting for $2 purses so he could help his mother feed the family.

“That aggressiveness, the interest in this career is still there 100 percent. The speed and the power are still there.”

That showed in a gym session this week in Hollywood, where Pacquiao looked sharp and fast while hitting the mitts with trainer Freddie Roach. The two have reunited for the fight, Pacquiao’s first in the U.S. in more than two years.

But while Pacquiao is favored, there’s always a chance in boxing that age often catches up to a fighter in the wrong place — the ring.

And that adds some intrigue to seeing a fighter who has been so much of a part of the fabric of boxing for the last 15 years.

“He’s unbelievable,” Roach said. “His work ethic is great, he has fast hands and he still hits hard. I think he actually wants to knock this opponent out.”

That may be asking a lot since Pacquiao went nearly a decade without knocking anyone out before stopping Lucas Martin Matthysse in a fight in Malaysia last July. But if Pacquiao needed any more motivation he got it after Broner mocked the Parkinson’s that Roach has.

“Manny’s a great guy to have on your side,” Roach said.

Indeed, Broner has done his part to sell the fight by acting boorish and flashing money around like his mentor, Mayweather. At this week’s final news conference, Broner went into a profane rant about Showtime announcer Al Bernstein, though his comments about Pacquiao were more respectful.

“Pacquiao’s a legend,” Broner said. “He’ll always go down as one of the best in the boxing business. But I just feel like it’s my time to take over this sport and I’m coming to take the throne from Pacquiao.”

Said Pacquiao: “Adrien Broner is not a tuneup fight. He’s a former champion. He’s fast, he moves fast and he’s a good boxer.”