JOC to grant age limit exemption to president Tsunekazu Takeda


The Japanese Olympic Committee plans to not apply its age limit to president Tsunekazu Takeda, 71, in order to let him stay on until the end of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Jiji Press learned Saturday.

The JOC limits the maximum age of its executives to less than 70 years at the time of election. But it has decided not to apply the rule to Takeda when it conducts an executive election in June 2019, informed sources said.

In September last year, the International Olympic Committee decided to extend the 70-year age limit for IOC member Takeda until the end of the 2020 Summer Olympics.

The Olympic Charter requires every IOC member to hold an executive or senior leadership position in the national Olympic committee of the member’s country.

“If the JOC’s 70-year age limit is applied to Takeda, the move would be inconsistent with the Olympic Charter,” a source said.

Tokyo won the 2020 Olympic bid in 2013 with Takeda as president of the bidding committee. He is widely expected to stay on as JOC president until the end of the Tokyo Olympics.

The JOC can revise the age limit rule at an executive meeting. Meanwhile, some sources say there is no need to change the rule at all because the Olympic Charter overrides national committee rules.

The JOC will decide whether to revise the rule before the executive election. Takeda will enter his 11th term if re-elected.