Sumo / Basho Reports

Kakuryu holds firm to pick up second win of Spring Basho


Yokozuna Kakuryu survived a scare Monday to remain undefeated on the second day of the 15-day Spring Grand Sumo Tournament.

Kakuryu (2-0), who suffered an injury to his right fingers at January’s New Year tourney, was pushed off balance and driven to the edge of the ring by Endo (1-1), who had won two of their seven previous encounters.

But the yokozuna budged no further, toppling the top-ranked maegashira with two big downward slaps to earn his second straight win at Edion Arena Osaka.

January’s champion Tochinoshin (1-1) suffered his first defeat of the tournament to top-ranked maegashira Tamawashi (2-0). After a thunderous clash, the recently promoted sekiwake was pushed down by Tamawashi in a flurry of pushes and slaps.

In their third meeting, ozeki Goeido (1-1) charged Arawashi (0-2) for a solid belt hold, forcing the No. 2 maegeshira from the ring for the Osaka native’s first win on home soil.

Ozeki Takayasu (0-2) was no match for komusubi Ichinojo (2-0), and was almost immediately pulled down by the 215-kg Mongolian for his second straight defeat.

After a mid-ring standstill, sekiwake Mitakeumi (2-0) avoided being thrown by Takarafuji (0-2) and instead forced the No. 2 maegashira into a fall over the straw bales.

Former ozeki and current No. 3 maegashira Kotoshogiku (1-1) made short work of Chiyotairyu (0-2) after locking arms with the komosubi and flinging him onto his back.

In the second-tier juryo division, Takanoiwa, the wrestler who suffered head injuries in an October assault by former yokozuna Harumafuji, fought his 600th match and notched his second win of the tournament.