Mayweather called before regulators


Once again, Floyd Mayweather Jr. has some explaining to do.

Nevada boxing regulators have ordered Mayweather to appear before them next week to answer questions about scenes aired on the Showtime network prior to his fight last Saturday night against Marcos Maidana. Specifically, they want to ask Mayweather about two lengthy fights in his gym where neither fighter got a rest break, and another scene showing marijuana being used at his Las Vegas mansion.

“We all know TV is drama but our main responsibility is the health and safety of fighters,” said Francisco Aguilar, head of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. “Before we draw a conclusion about what we saw on TV we want to make sure we have all the information.”

Mayweather is shown on the “All Access” show promoting his fight cheering on two fighters at his gym who fought 31 minutes straight without taking a break. Mayweather explained on camera that the fighters would go until one of them quit, much like fights used to be in the early days of boxing a century ago.

“The dog house — the rules are you fight till whoever quits,” Mayweather said.

Aguilar said he is concerned that fighters could be hurt by not having rest breaks and proper attention in the ring. He said it is the commission’s duty to protect fighters, whether it is in sparring or in the ring during a real fight.

“I want to ensure that what they’re doing is in the best interest of fighters,” Aguilar said.

Mayweather will appear Tuesday before the commission both in his role as a fighter and a promoter.