New yokozuna Kakuryu on east side


Newly promoted Mongolian-born yokozuna Kakuryu took his place on the east side as the Japan Sumo Association on Thursday released the rankings for the Summer Grand Sumo Tournament.

Kakuryu, whose birth name is Mangaljalav Anand, starts the May 11-25 basho in Tokyo as sumo’s 71st yokozuna. He is the first to attain the top rank since compatriot Harumafuji did so at the 2012 Autumn basho.

With Mongolia’s Hakuho also on the east side and Harumafuji on the west, the meet will be the first ever to feature three foreign-born grand champions.

It will also be the first time three yokozuna will be competing since Akebono, Musashimaru and Takanohana did so at the 2001 New Year Basho.