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Takahashi admits knee is not 100 percent


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Daisuke Takahashi revealed at a news conference on Monday that he has still not completely recovered from the training injury he suffered in November.

“My right knee is not 100 percent,” Takahashi said in a session at the Main Press Center here. “I have water in my knee. It has been tough to adjust.”

Takahashi tried to cast a positive light on his situation despite the issue with his knee.

“Apart from my knee my condition is good, so I can do my best,” he commented.

The same injury forced Takahashi to pull out of the Grand Prix Final in Fukuoka in December.

Takahashi came in fifth at the Japan nationals later the same month in Saitama, but was clearly not fully fit. He will be facing a real battle to make the podium here competing against the likes of teammate Yuzuru Hanyu, who won the GP Final, three-time defending world champion Patrick Chan, and Evgeni Plushenko.

The 2010 world champion stated that his primary goal is to “try and re-establish my quad jump.”

Earler in the day Takahashi spoke to the media following a morning training session at the Iceberg Skating Palace and declared the venue ideal.

“It’s great. I can really feel the ice,” said Takahashi, who won the Grand Prix Final in Sochi in 2012. “I have had a lot of different experiences in the last year, but I still remember that moment when I won here.”
Takahashi, who earned the bronze medal at the 2010 Vancouver Games, is trying to maintain an even keel heading into the men’s short program on Thursday night.

“I try to control myself and my emotions. That’s my main goal,” Takahashi stated. “I try not to set my goals too big. I want to be able to reach them. I don’t try to do anything more than I am able to do. I know my level and I strive to do what I can do best.”

  • Gordon Graham

    Shouldn’t his spot have gone to someone else then? Or is this his ready made excuse if he falters?

  • lila siu

    His spot should only go to someone else if he choose to give it up. it’s his b/c he earned it with much hard work. Otherwise it defeats the purpose. Even with injury he still could be the more qualified candidate with his experience & expertise. I think his story teaches us more than if it was a whole different story of another athlete substituting him. Plus if other athletes really wants it then they still have the chance at the next Olympics if they got what it takes! At least that’s what I believe.