Zaccheroni says Honda needs time


Japan playmaker Keisuke Honda will need some time to adjust to Italy’s Serie A, national team manager Alberto Zaccheroni said Monday.

The coach, who returned to Japan following his winter vacation, cautioned reporters at Narita airport that Honda’s adjustment would not happen overnight.

“Getting used to things is not that simple,” Zaccheroni said. “I want him to do a good job, even though the competition is fierce.”

With Japan apparently in the process of deciding on a training camp ahead of this year’s World Cup in Brazil, the Italian said his prerequisite was for a location that would prepare his men for the extreme conditions found in Brazil.

“My demand is for climate,” said Zaccheroni, whose Group C games will be played in Recife against Cote d’Ivoire, in Natal against Greece and in Cuiaba against Colombia.

“It is very hot and very humid in Recife and Natal. What’s important is how well we can cope with the heat.”