Ski jumper Kasai places third in World Cup competition


Veteran Noriaki Kasai, Japan’s delegation captain for next month’s Sochi Olympics, scored his fourth podium finish of the season when he took third place at a World Cup jump on Saturday.

The 41-year-old was sixth after the first round of jumps on the K-120 Miyanomori Hill but his second effort of 129 meters earned him third with 272.1 points behind winner Peter Prevc of Slovenia (294.6) and his compatriot Jernej Damjan (277.0).

“I was completely beaten. It’s disappointing,” said Kasai. “If I keep making mistakes like today, I won’t be able to finish on top. My body is in good condition, so now all it’s about is getting my timing down and I feel I have a chance to win. I want to have great jumps to put me on a good path to the Sochi Olympics.”

Elsewhere for Japan, Daiki Ito was fifth, Reruhi Shimizu was 15th, Yuta Watase was 17th, Taku Takeuchi was 21st, Shohei Tochimoto was 28th and Daito Takahashi was 30th.