Yoshida sets 2020 as target


Fresh from winning her 11th consecutive 55-kg title at the world wrestling championships in Budapest, Olympic champion Saori Yoshida reiterated her determination to keep on competing until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after arriving back in Japan on Sunday.

The 29-year-old Yoshida comfortably defeated Sofia Mattson in the final on Thursday and has now won a combined total of 14 Olympic and world titles in the 55-kg class.

“I am pleased that I could win the championship. I want to keep trying to better my record and aim for (the 2016 Olympics in) Rio de Janeiro and Tokyo,” Yoshida told a press conference.

Yoshida won the People’s Honor Award last year and played a role in Tokyo’s successful bid to win the right to host the 2020 Olympic Games in Buenos Aries earlier this month.

Wrestling, which was dropped from the Olympics list of core sports in February, regained its spot on Sept. 8, beating out a combined baseball-softball bid and squash for inclusion at Tokyo 2020.