Oh ‘can’t imagine’ being NPB head


Fukuoka Softbank Hawks chairman Sadaharu Oh on Friday denied reports that he could succeed Ryozo Kato as Nippon Professional Baseball Commissioner.

Oh has served as special adviser to Kato, who announced a day earlier he will resign by the start of the Japan Series next month. Oh has been linked to the job by some, but the world home run king quickly moved to say otherwise.

“Playing baseball is the only thing I know,” Oh said. “No one has even asked me about it. It’s an honor for your name to come up, but I can’t imagine myself in the job for a minute.”

The 73-year-old also said he does not expect to remain as adviser to the commissioner once Kato steps down.

“I’ve had a relationship with him even before he became commissioner,” Oh said. “The role I have isn’t really with NPB, it’s more with him. I think the job will just naturally run its course.”