Mexican announcers call archery with flair


Staff Writer

The entertainment in the broadcast booth is sometimes just as exciting — maybe more so —than what’s taking place on the playing field.

The Aztec Deportes TV announcing crew from Mexico gave a lesson to one and all that passion for one’s job can be a wonderful, infectious thing.

Every word uttered by the duo Thursday during the women’s gold medal archery match between South Korea’s Ki Bo Bae and Mexico’s Aida Roman at Lord’s Cricket Ground registered at least 9.5 or higher on an excitement scale of one to 10.

If this was a transcript, here’s what you would see: Spanish words with an appropriate three or four exclamation points after each sentence.

Ki captured the gold in a dramatic shootout that was broadcast with the same intensity as the seventh game of the World Series or a World Cup soccer final in extra time.

The Mexican duo took turns delivering the play-by-play details and analysis. Each sentence was peppered with odes to Mexico and Roman and the joy that Mexicans had that she was there competing for a possible gold.

Fans stopped to see what all the commotion was about. Many roared wildly as the announcers shouted, giving them two thumbs up or clapping at their antics as much so as the action below.

One American journalist to my left in the press tribune called the announcers “a riot” and said he had devoted several minutes to describing their entertaining style on Twitter, and then, he said, it was time to get back to his real reporting — preparing a story.

A number of fans and journalists alike stopped to have their picture taken with the announcers. They had become cult heroes for bringing a dramatic, make-you-excited vibe to the archery competition, whether you were listening at the venue, online, or via a TV set halfway around the world.

The middle-aged gentlemen recognized the fun they brought to the competition and were more than happy to greet fans and have their photos taken.