Nocturnal hijinks sideline wrestler

Kyodo News

Mongolian-born grappler Tamawashi will be out of action for three weeks after injuring his arm during a booze-fueled night out after the New Year Grand Sumo Tournament, the Japan Sumo Association said Thursday.

Tamawashi, a No. 3 maegashira, sustained the injury to his right arm when he leaned against and broke the window of a restaurant in Tokyo on Sunday, the final day of the New Year meet.

The media officer in charge of Tamawashi’s Kataonami stable said the injury had not come about due to wrestler’s involvement in any trouble, adding that a settlement had been reached with the restaurant.

“This incident happened after the tournament had finished so there is no need to launch an investigation,” said JSA chief Hanaregoma.

All the same, the JSA issued Tamawashi a stiff warning as he will be sidelined with an injury that was a result of his own careless behavior.