U.S. skaters set to rebuild

TURIN, Italy (AP) A generation of U.S. speedskaters is stepping aside, leaving a major hole in a sport that has always been a consistent American medal producer at the Winter Olympics. Who will step up to replace them? That’s a concern to Chris Witty and Casey FitzRandolph, both heading into probable retirement with seven Winter Games and four medals between them. “I’m worried a little about U.S. speedskating,” Witty said. “We were fortunate to have a lot of inline talent fall into our laps. But what are we doing to develop other athletes who are not coming through inline?” FitzRandolph notices fewer skaters showing up for the pack-style meets that have long been the developmental backbone of his sport. “It’s certainly not where it was when I was young,” he said. “Yeah, we’ve gotten an insurgence of inline skaters. But that sport isn’t growing, either. Maybe right now we’re seeing the best of both worlds coming together.”