Review excerpt: The noodles and clear broth are what set Ginzasa apart from other ramen shops in Tokyo.

Utsura Utsura

Review excerpt: Shibuya's Utsura Utsura is a welcoming little izakaya tavern that has the warm feel of a local watering hole.


Review excerpt: "It's all about the relationship between the food and the natural environment in which it is grown," says chef Kazuhiro Matsuki who is practicing "satoyama gastronomy," a form of farm-to-table cooking at Shizuoka's Bio-S.

Pizzeria il Veliero Hayama

Review excerpt: Visitors can enjoy a view of the sea with the side of pizza at Kanagawa's Il Veliero. Visitors can choose from half a dozen pizzas to choose from, ranging from a simple but well-constructed Marinara (¥1,250) to the house-special seafood Pizza Veliero ...


The menu is divided into four main sections: tapas and their Lebanese counterparts, mezze; a page devoted to jamon and chorizo (from the finest Iberico hogs, of course), culatello and prosciutto from Italy, plus a good choice of cheeses; main dishes, including seafood, meat ...


Since A16 opened, this little plaza has given the city something it has sorely lacked — a public area that’s not a mall or slotted in as an afterthought between skyscrapers. The small garden boasts trees and shrubs (though not yet in leaf), a sward ...

The menu focuses on the spicy specialties of Thailand and other parts of Southeast Asia. But you don't have to have a full meal; you can just install yourself for an hour or two nursing a Singha beer or a Vietnamese coffee.

Sumile TOKYO

Throughout, everything is prepared and presented very competently. Flavors are muted and portion sizes small -- that is to say, perfect for nibbling the evening away, rather than gourmandizing. It is best not to arrive too hungry.


This is not some hopeful approximation of a Western breakfast. This is the real thing prepared by kitchen staff who know how to get bacon crisp and eggs to just the right degree of fluffiness.

Frau Krumm

Review excerpt: Ebisu's Frau Krumm, started by retired tennis star Kimiko Date, focuses on German bread and pastries, along with a mix of French and Japanese products.