Jean-Georges Tokyo

The man in charge of the open kitchen is Fumio Yonezawa. The chef, who spent several years at the New York main restaurant, executes the light Asian accents of the Jean-Georges signature dishes with considerable aplomb.

Afuri does wafu ramen for the new generation who prefer quality, flavor and a certain finesse. The broth is light, made with dashi stock and spring water from Tanzawa. The noodles are adorned with thick slices of juicy cha-shu pork that are grilled to order ...


Such is the enlightened policy of Fuglen, the newly opened Tokyo offshoot of one of Oslo's coolest coffee shops. It's in the back streets of Tomigaya, Shibuya Ward, on the site of the short-lived but equally stylish Koz Cafe. Not that you'd recognize it ...

Tofuya Ukai

Review excerpt: The core of Tofuya Ukai's premises is a 200-year-old sake brewery transplanted from Yonezawa, Yamagata Prefecture, massive polished beams, thick-walled warehouse, and all. You are greeted by kimono-clad staff, then ushered through winding passages, past a miniature sake museum with ancient vats and ...

Beer Pub Takumiya

Review excerpt: Takumi Shiraishi owns three lively craft beer pubs across Kyoto, including Beer Pub Takumiya, where he encourages customers to commune over a good pint and plates of locally grown food.

Tiny Peace Kitchen

Review excerpt: Although Tokyo has one of the best restaurant scenes in the world, sometimes you’d rather eschew the high-end and complex for simple, nourishing dishes, the kind you’ll find at Tiny Peace Kitchen.

Taiyo Curry

Review excerpt: Chef Akihiro Seto makes the most fragrant and punchy Japanese curry at Kyoto's Taiyo, dressed with a soaring combination of vegetables and delivering a symphony of taste.


Review excerpt: Tokyo's Mu-Hung is a friendly, no-frills diner has been the go-to destination for Singapore street-level cooking.