Restaurants:¥1,000 - ¥2,000

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Pizza Studio Tamaki

Review excerpt: Pizza Studio Tamaki doesn’t subscribe to the narrow Neapolitan precepts governing the ingredients, techniques and styles of pizza.

Da Yuki

Review excerpt: Yuki Kamada’s pizzas at Da Yuki are what you would expect from someone who has gone the extra mile: thin bases and sauces that complement the toppings, with rich and creamy Marrandino buffalo mozzarella.


Review excerpt: Taihou feels like a family restaurant. It’s busy, informal and home to some of the best Sichuan cuisine in Kyoto, which explains the line of people, round the clock.


Review excerpt: The signature seafood ramen at Mensho is a remarkable creation. It arrives in a stylish white bowl with a wide rim on which morsels of cooked scallop are balanced, scattered with yellow karasumi (bottarga) and carbonized negi (Welsh onion) powder.

Takazawa 180

Review excerpt: The most pleasurable place to eat at Ginza Six is in the rooftop garden — with a superior take-out lunch box bought from Takazawa 180.

Al Camino

Review excerpt: The bulk of the pizza at Al Camino are divided between rossi, a tomato sauce-based pizza, and bianchi, which is cheese-based and uses no tomato sauce. There are also a few outliers such as the pizza covered in Nutella and a fruit-topped ...


Review excerpt: As soon as you sit at Shimme, you’ll be served up a plate of hors d’oeuvre, which changes but is likely to be a small serving of fish, and while they serve much more than seafood, the fish tends to be excellent.


Review excerpt: For the locals, Path is a breakfast pit stop, a place to gear up for the day with good coffee and even better pastries. At night Path really comes into its own, transforming into a proper sit-down, spend-the-evening restaurant.

Umami Burger

Review excerpt: Instead of boosting the beef patties with artificial additives, more natural, umami-rich ingredients are used at Umami Burger, such as soy sauce and porcini mushrooms. The basic eponymous burger is served with shiitake, roast tomato and a crisp disk of Parmesan cheese.

Venu's South Indian Dining

Review excerpt: At Venu's South Indian Dining you’ll find cardamom and cassia bark, cumin and cloves, plenty of peppercorns and appropriate levels of chili heat. Along with the 20 or more curries, they also produce great dosa pancakes.