Minshuku Miyagi

Review excerpt: The dinner menus at Minshuku Miyagi are decided on a whim and by the seasonal availability of ingredients.


Review excerpt: The shared Noma DNA at Inua shines through in the complexity and juxtaposition of flavors, the floral garnish and the unorthodox accents of fermentation.


While marketing vegetable-based food toward health-conscious women is nothing new — ramen chain Kagetsu used slim, smartly dressed women to promote its low-calorie seasonal veggie ramen — it seems like an alienating approach in the long run. Miyazaki assures me, however, that plenty of men ...

Cafe Kaila

The pancakes at the Tokyo outpost of Oahu's popular Cafe Kaila are indeed very good. They are light and fluffy but not at all vapid; they're incredibly filling and include a surprisingly generous amount of fruit.

La Coquina cerveceria

Review excerpt: La Coquina, a cheerful, casual Spanish cerveceria (beer tavern), boasts plenty of comfy chairs, many with spectacular cityscape vistas, so you’re likely to be seated before your legs give out.

Sakai Shokai

Review excerpt: Sakai Shokai is not a place you are meant to stumble into by chance. If you’re not with someone who’s been there before, you need to call ahead and then try to navigate your way there.

Inua Iidabashi

Review excerpt: Amazingly, a year and a half in, Inua still feels just as innovative, especially the remarkable range of dishes emanating from head chef Thomas Frebel’s test kitchen and onto his menu.

Tama Omotesando

Review excerpt: For more than a decade, Tama has been the place to come for one of Tokyo’s more unusual menus, a unique and stylish hybrid that it calls Ryukyu-Chinese.

Imari Roaji

Review excerpt: Located on the seventh floor of a swish, modern building looking out over the Ginza rooftops, Imari Roaji is the big-city branch of an equally sleek, contemporary restaurant based in Imari, Saga Prefecture, in the far west of Japan.


Review excerpt: Called Equal, this is the latest project by master patissier Yuichi Goto.