% Arabica Kyoto

Anyone searching for a viable Japanese rival to the branding clout of California’s Blue Bottle Coffee should look here. In the shop’s sleek, minimalist interior, it feels like everything within sight — from paper cups and trashcans to a high-end valve amplifier behind the ...


Review excerpt: Elan has courses of fish, langoustine, a superb main dish of roast Kyoto Nanatani duck, a small but impeccable cheese plate, and a succession of desserts.

Taishu Sakaba Raincolor

Review excerpt: Taishu Sakaba Raincolor's signature dish is a hearty Hamburg steak the size of a tennis ball, prepared from ground Hokkaido venison and served on a bed of mashed potato with a rich jus.

Il Garage

Review excerpt: Given Masato’s culinary background, meat and fish dishes dominate Il Garage’s prix fixe menu. The wine list is also drawn exclusively from Italy.

Ivan Ramen

NOTE: Ivan Ramen is no longer in operation. You can only find Ivan Ramen in New York. The ramen shop operating in the same location, Sanmaguro Ramen, has no association with Ivan Ramen. "Eat ramen here." It's the kind of illuminated sign you might expect ...

Ivan Ramen Plus

NOTE: Ivan Ramen Plus and the original Ivan Ramen are no longer in operation. You can only find Ivan Ramen in New York. Ivan Ramen Plus is not just a bigger, brighter, sleeker version of his first restaurant, the humble one-counter shop he opened five ...


Review excerpt: There’s no menu at Out. It serves one thing and one thing only, year-round and without exception: tagliolini al tartufo. But what a great dish it is.


Review excerpt: While service at Esterre is as polished as you’d expect at a hotel of this caliber, there is none of the fuss associated with the highest level of Michelin-starred restaurants.


Review excerpt: When Isoism, which focuses firmly on tsukemono (pickled vegetables), first opened in 2016 near Kyoto Tower, the long lines of people were impossible to miss.