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Unosato's strongest suit is its food. Seafood and seasonal vegetables predominate, just as you'd expect at any izakaya. But here it's all cooked and served with a little extra attention to quality and presentation. The sashimi is always worth ordering -- in fact nothing ...


Celebrity chef Joachim Splichal, who heads the Patina Group of restaurants, is known for melding southern French cuisine with the produce of sunny California. With a few local Japanese accents added, it works just as well in Tokyo.

Napoli Pizza Tokyo Bakka

Owner-pizzaiolo Yutaka Hazama is self-trained but he has learned his craft well, and he has a scaled-down version of a classic wood-fired Neapolitan pizza oven in his truck.


Chic and airy, with a floor-to-ceiling window, all-white furnishings and a lavish flower arrangement in one corner, it feels more like a quiet cafe-lounge than a noodle joint. There's even a glass-topped miniature Zen rock garden running the length of the (all-white of course) ...

Pizza Slice

Find yourself a table, then head to the back of the room to peruse the display case and place your order. New York-style pizza means thin, crisp crusts and rich, mozzarella-driven toppings. And, exactly as the name promises, they're all sold by the slice ...

Outback Steakhouse - Shibuya

One of The Outback's most popular menu items for weekend and holiday dinners is the prime rib set. The prime rib is slowly roasted at low heat and served in a thick cut, allowing customers to enjoy authentic, juicy American-style roast beef. To satisfy even ...

Namikibashi Nakamura

This classy Japanese tavern (it feels way too sophisticated to be termed an izakaya, even though the underlying ethos is really not so different) is not a place for carousing, drowning your sorrows or forgetting the woes of the world. Rather, it's one of ...


Shokkan ticks the boxes on just about all counts. It's got the look; the food is put together well; and there's no sudden shock at the end your meal. Best of all, it's a place you can take out-of-town guests -- or even send ...


Pick a region of Italy: The chances are you will find its cucina somewhere in the city. Sicily is well represented. So too is Sardinia, thanks to Tharros, a cheerful, bistro-style eatery in the heart of Shibuya.


Chef Masayo Funakoshi cooks beautiful contemporary cuisine, precisely and with a light, inventive touch. As a trained artist (she majored in sculpture), it's hardly surprising that everything looks great on the plate.