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Katsuo Shokudo

Review excerpt: Mai Nagamatsu has made it her mission to celebrate and spread the word about katsuobushi at Katsuo Shokudo and the artisans who still harness the age-old methods to produce it.

Wana Tedome

Review excerpt: Wana Tedome doesn’t mess with any ordinary meat. “Deer, not cow. Boar, not pig,” the illuminated street-level sign outside proclaims in Japanese. “Grilled venison, grilled boar and grilled pheasant.”

Koe Lobby

Review excerpt: What sets Koe Lobby apart is its all-day dining. Early birds will like the baked goods and eggs at breakfast.


Review excerpt: Essentially, Kotaro is an izakaya, a tavern where sake and food share equal billing, and both are there to accompany conversation and relaxation at the end of the day. But don’t arrive expecting boisterous revelry and red-faced salarymen drinking cheap highballs. Here the ...


Review excerpt: The line outside Hayashi is rarely less than 30 minutes long. Once seated, prepare to meditate some more: There is little to look at and nothing to hear but the muffled sound of satisfied slurping. The bowl, when it arrives, is always worth ...

Los Barbados

Review excerpt: Start with a plate of mixed matzah, Uekawa’s version of Lebanese mezze. Follow up with falafels or Turkish spring rolls stuffed with minced lamb. Don’t overlook the Tunisian brik a l’oeuf, egg mixed with tuna, potato and cheese, deep-fried in triangles of ...


For a self-proclaimed seafood bistro, Ata covers a lot of territory — much like its dynamic owner-chef Satoshi Kakegawa has done in his short career.


Review excerpt: Tempu is in no way a destination restaurant. It’s a six-minute schlep beside the tracks from JR Shibuya Station, and when you arrive all you’ll find is a cluttered hole-in-the-wall that fits eight at a pinch, all standing. But it’s this funky setting ...


Eleven years later, Tabela's laid-back style, funky furnishings and righteous, Middle Eastern-inflected menu feel just as comfortable as ever. Slide behind a well-patinated table or, if you’re with friends, into one of three semi-private booths modeled after European train compartments. Then start with an ...