Shunju Tsugihagi

As always with Shunju, the quality is superb: premium ingredients, their provenance listed, and selected to reflect the season, cooked perfectly with no artificial seasonings and arranged beautifully on fine vessels of ceramic, glass and lacquer. Here at Tsugihagi, though, there is greater emphasis ...


Review excerpt: Breakfast at Lorimer is the best Japanese-style breakfast in Kyoto. Then, in the afternoon after Lorimer empties out, the spaces doubles as a cooking school.


Review excerpt: Tokyo's Raku serves a longer, skinnier Kobe variant of dumpling, each just a single bite with more golden-fried wrapper than filling.

Akomeya Kagurazaka

Review excerpt: More than just a grocery store, Akomeya is a treasured source of foodstuffs and cookware from around the country. It also has a superb little restaurant.

Aozora Blue Osaka

Review excerpt: At Aozora Blue, chef Hirofumi Matsui draws on his soba-making experiences to offer an exquisite, handmade udon noodle in an elevated setting.


Review excerpt: Shibuya's Hiyori serves nihonshu and Italian wines alongside its signature oden.

Le Train Bleu Iwatocho

Shoehorned into a space that would be considered cramped even for a ramen shop -- you literally have to squeeze sideways to get to the back -- it can seat precisely 13 customers at the counter and four more at a shelf-like table wedged ...


Inevitably, your eyes will be drawn to the grill pit at the far end of the kitchen -- safely screened behind see-through plexiglass to avert any wayward sparks. Here, the resident grillmeister tends to his cuts of fish, chicken and vegetables. Instead of grilling ...


This is absolutely as you would expect, since Kamozou is the third in the growing stable of sake-specialist taverns run by Noriharu Nozaki — among them the self-named Nozaki in Shinbashi. Not that you will find him behind the counter at Kamozou these days. If ...