Shokudo Marushin

Review excerpt: Kyoto's Shokudo Marushin has "teishoku" meals that are a classic combination of rice, miso soup, vegetables, and a main dish of meat or fish.

Bashamichi Taproom

Review excerpt: Barbecue — like ramen, pizza and, indeed, craft beer — is one of those things that a lot of people hold very close to their hearts and have very pronounced opinions on. It's either right or it ain't. Here in Bashamichi, it's definitely ...


Araiya has not tampered with its century-old, tried-and-true menu. Choices range from simple donburi rice-bowl lunches to multicourse sukiyaki or shabu shabu dinners. For the duration of the celebrations, though, the new branch has introduced a special set-menu lunch that it calls Kaika Gyu-nabe ...

bills Yokohama

All of Granger's signature dishes are present and correct, including ricotta pancakes, sweet corn fritters, wagyu burgers and the delectable organic scrambled eggs that first put his name on the map. Add to that list a Yokohama original -- Berry Berry Pancakes, served with ...

Ramen no Bonbo

Review excerpt: This pair of long-time friends traveled the country, tested out ramen from all over Japan, and now, at age 22, own their own noodle shop, Ramen no Bonbo, in Kyoto.

Hinomoto Beer Parlor

Review excerpt: Jinbocho's Hinomoto Beer Parlor also has a strong emphasis on sake, plus an excellent menu of Japanese food to go with it — just right for an after-work evening of sipping and nibbling.

The SG Club

Review excerpt: The new lunch menu at Shibuya's The SG Club, an award-winning bar, has both Mala and Mole curries.


Innsyoutei (pronounced "Inshotei," which means "Rhyme of the Pine Cottage") has to be one of the most picturesque dining spots in Tokyo in any season. When the trees are covered with clouds of blossom, it is outstanding. And so are the lines by the ...

Les Saisons

Voisin is a chef who obviously loves his metier and his new kitchen. From time to time, he emerges from the kitchen to greet his customers, eager to talk about ingredients, cooking techniques and the pleasure he is deriving from being here in Japan.