Review excerpt: The okonomiyaki at Kiji is humble — there is none of the giant pizza-sized servings currently in vogue at other establishments. Kiji is also modest with the mayonnaise.

Le Sucre-Couer

Review excerpt: Le Sucre-Couer takes their bread seriously, and the lineup on display behind the glass counters should render even the most impulsive indecisive.

Takeuchi Udon Ten

Review excerpt: Takeuchi Udon Ten’s noodles are thick and delicious. They are also surprisingly elastic, heavy and, to top it off, there’s a small mountain of them to get through.

Kinki Daigaku Suisan Kenkyujo

Review excerpt: The lunch menu at Kinki Daigaku Suisan Kenkyujo is limited to five set menus. In the evening, there is more choice, but regardless of when you go maguro will be an option, as well as a selection of other fish that Kindai have been ...

Sumiba Yakitori Enza

Review excerpt: From the charcoal grill try a few of the staples at Sumiba Yakitori Enza, including tsukune (minced chicken skewers) sweetened with a drizzle of soy sauce glaze. Also worth ordering is the negima — chicken bits interlaced with leeks and once more ...

Kunsei Lover Fumo

Review excerpt: Expect to find a few staples at Kunsei Lover Fumo such as the smoked boiled eggs glazed with soy sauce, smoked bacon and smoked chikuwa fish cake stuffed with tuna.

Sandwich Factory

Review excerpt: There are Japanese classics at Sandwich Factory, such as cream and fruit sandwiches, but also burdock root and tuna, with the crusts removed.


Review excerpt: While much of the menu at Soryuko is rooted in Sichuan cooking and features big, bold flavors, classics such as Peking duck and shoronpo, the ubiquitous dumpling that originated in Shanghai, are also included.


Review excerpt: At Teianda they take their Okinawan culture and food seriously, but not overbearingly so. Upstairs there’s a stage for visiting musicians and artists from Okinawa.


Review excerpt: Front and center at Gomachu are a scoop of kin-gomadofu, made from roasted golden sesame seeds, and, in a separate dish, a light coffee-colored scoop made with a soba noodle base and black sesame seeds and topped with roasted nuts.