Review excerpt: Given Masato’s culinary background, meat and fish dishes dominate Il Garage’s prix fixe menu. The wine list is also drawn exclusively from Italy.

Review excerpt: The chefs at Alter Ego have developed a range of new Italian-inspired recipes for their seven-course omakase tasting menu.

Review excerpt: Eneko Bar offers most of the favorite pintxos snacks from Basque Country, from gildas (skewers of pepper, olive and anchovy) to deep-fried white fish and delectable ham croquettes.

Review excerpt: 336 Ebisu is part of the new wave of Parisian neo-bistros, where quality cooking and a well curated cellar are de rigeur but dressing up and putting on airs is decidedly passe.

Review excerpt: The restaurant An Di explores and creates its own interpretation of what Vietnamese food might taste like in Japan.

Review excerpt: At Umbilical, look no further than chef Ono’s signature seafood plate. Every day he puts together four choices that can be ordered separately.

Review excerpt: There’s no menu at Out. It serves one thing and one thing only, year-round and without exception: tagliolini al tartufo. But what a great dish it is.

Review excerpt: The menu at Noz emphasizes the taste of the vegetables themselves. They also serve smaller portions to further highlight the flavors. It comes across in the dishes, such as an item featuring a mix of greens, quinoa, carrots and crispy royal pork ...

Review excerpt: When the new Atre mall opened in April outside Ebisu Station, most people’s eyes were fixed on the ground floor and the one-hour lines outside burger phenomenon Shake Shack’s eagerly awaited second Tokyo branch. But those in the know have been directing their ...

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