Review excerpt: For ¥3,000 an hour, you get your own place at BBQPit, the use of a Weber grill and a sturdy awning to keep off the sun.

Review excerpt: At Southern Peas, carnivores can go for gumbo, but don’t neglect the barbecue spare ribs, which come slathered in a rich red wine sauce.

Review excerpt: The pork at The Good Vibes oozes rich, spicy sauce and is loaded up with chili pickles and lettuce. The chicken has a crunchy genmai (brown rice) coating and comes with grated cabbage and a slather of teriyaki sauce.

Try Gattenn if you’re looking for a more tranquil restaurant. Located near Nagoya Station, it takes its interior-design cues from traditional Shinto shrines, with a set of red torii gates, staff dressed as shrine workers and even a machine that dispenses omikuji (fortunes) for ...

Hatos Bar only stocks full-flavor craft ales, both bottled and on draft, from small-scale regional microbreweries. These are intended not for chugging down to slake the thirst but for leisurely sipping and appreciation. There’s nothing ordinary about the food, either. Hatos Bar has blazed a ...

Because it's prepared each day and takes so long to cook, the brisket is not offered at lunchtime. But with the chicken, the meaty back ribs or the chopped pork ("It's given a vinegar rinse, in the South Carolina style"), there's still enough choice.

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