The food here is always good, quick and fresh, and the bread-crumb coating is especially light and tasty. There are plenty of vegetarian options here, too. A noteworthy item is the giant fried asparagus, almost a meal by itself.

Put pesto with fried potatoes of this standard accompanied by cream cheese and you might pass out from umami overload. It's enough to inspire poetry, or bad haikus.

The Italian-esque fare is far from the best (or the best value) in town, but it's worth it for the pleasure of open-air dining to the sound of lapping water while watching the Chuo Line trains rumble past.

Cafe Annteana seems to have a more-the-merrier attitude toward kids. The cafe manages to be long on style while meeting the practical needs of parents with children. It’s shabby chic — down to the last detail — with whitewashed walls, chandeliers, elegant-yet-unbreakable glassware, plush ...

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