For an extra ¥150, you can also get a cup of coffee. As a way to warm up customers who were brave enough to dare a large scoop of gelato, the shop offers free hot tea.

Cafe Papins has four new flavors that can only be enjoyed in these cold winter months, such as shaved ice drizzled with hot kabocha squash sauce, adzuki beans and caramel -- all homemade -- with a scoop of vanilla Haagen-Dazs on the side.

At Mario Gelateria in Ginza, you can warm up with a cup of hot chocolate, ginger milk tea or consomme soup before you order a scoop of ice cream.

In addition to its usual kakigori, it offers a special winter menu from November to April that includes cream stew that is simmered on the stove for at least two hours, gratin that will be served in the store from January and French toast ...

The guy at the front, the head chef, is called Tara-chan (literally, "Codfish"). His second in command is Katsuo-chan ("Bonito"). Why have they adopted stage names? Because at GiroGiro, dinner is as much a performance as a culinary art. Make no mistake, though: The ...

What's on the menu? And, more to the point, what's good? Just about everything that is given the teppan treatment. One of the highlights is the juicy miso-marinated imo-buta, a breed of pig fed primarily on sweet potatoes.

Because it's prepared each day and takes so long to cook, the brisket is not offered at lunchtime. But with the chicken, the meaty back ribs or the chopped pork ("It's given a vinegar rinse, in the South Carolina style"), there's still enough choice.

The top-of-the-line item is Shokkan's self-described "famous seafood paella." This is cooked in a wide earthenware donabe casserole, and comes laden with generous amounts of salmon and its roe, clams, mussels and small, pink sakura-ebi shrimps. Just as you'd get in Spain, the rice ...

Pride of place in the kitchen -- and on the menu -- goes to the meat course. This is Shimizu's specialty.

Tokyo, of course, operates at a faster pace than the old capital, and the delicate Kyoto cuisine served at Shakunage is tailored to those demands, especially at lunchtime.

Everything on the menu is exactly as you might find at a restaurant in Lima -- or at least one that takes pains to source quality ingredients and serve them with care and panache.

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