Review excerpt: At its core, By Twotone is a bakery and cafe slotted into a narrow space that has the deliberate emptiness of a gallery.

Review excerpt: The H in Test Kitchen H is for Hiromi Yamada, the chef who, more than anyone, spearheaded the Italian cuisine boom that engulfed Japan in the 1990s.

Review excerpt: Sobagami is a soba noodle specialist, but it is also an offshoot of the very genteel Ginza Kamiya, a high-end kappō that takes pride in doing things the right way.

Review excerpt: Make yourself comfortable at Sparta, order some ouzo, retsina or a bottle of easy drinking, easy-on-the-pocket Greek wine, and kick off the meal with some of the classic starters.

Review excerpt: Third-generation owner-chef Tomotsugu Sakakibara has been grilling yakitori at Ribatei for 20 years now and it shows in his relaxed demeanor and the way he tends the skewers.

Review excerpt: Critters Burger is home to the best burgers in Osaka. Tabelog, the restaurant listings website, had Critters in its top 100 burger shacks in Japan for 2017.

Review excerpt: On paper, the setting for Liaison, a French-inspired restaurant that’s on the upmarket end of eateries of the ward, is ordinary.

Review excerpt: Kagawa Ippuku always serves excellent noodles made in the true Sanuki style. They have to have exactly the right texture, smooth but with a firm chewiness.

Review excerpt: Don’t let the sticky floor deter you because Kyoto's Lucky Gyoza has a great range of delicious dumplings and is worth a visit.

Review excerpt: More than 230 years since Izuu's opening, the recipe and the ingredients have hardly changed.

Review excerpt: The recipe at Otafuku, this classic oden house, has barely changed in a century and, until last autumn, nor had the atmospheric, low-rise wooden building in which the dish had been served for so long.

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