First you pick your wine from the various bottles Tanabe has assembled that week. Your food, all prepared by Kaneko and his team, will be matched with your choices. It is not quite as arbitrary as it sounds, but there's definitely a frisson of ...

Tokyo's Nansho Mantoten is a little fancy, so the chefs also stuff the buns with some fancy stuff, such as abalone, fois gras or truffles, in addition to the classic pork.

The XLB at DTF (are you following all the lingo?) are famous for having really thin skin. It is impressive: When you pick up the delicate dumpling from its top knot with your chopsticks it sags under the weight of the meat and soup ...

Like Din Tai Fung, the xiao long bao here have thin skins and an elegant, tear-drip droop when removed from their bamboo steamer basket nest. However, the soup has more of a soy sauce taste.

These pan-fried buns, filled with even more meat and soup, have a thicker, chewier, bread-like shell, topped with sesame seeds and scallions. They are definitely worth the trouble.

On Wednesdays, the cafe closes to devote the whole day to baking and, if you order in advance, you can pick up large quantities of cinnamon rolls to go.

Cafe Poro also serves pyttipannu, a sausage and potato scramble topped with a sunny-side-up egg that is Finland's favorite late-night takeaway.

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