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Yebis (The Westin Tokyo)


Located on the top floor of The Westin Tokyo, boasting an elegant, yet lively atmosphere, the teppanyaki (iron grill cooking) restaurant Yebisu is offering a Teppan Kaiseki (traditional Japanese cuisine) Course, giving guests a dinner experience of prestigious Yebisu beef and Mikohara rice.

Mikohara rice is known as a rare harvest — only 500 bales are produced each year — and some of the rice was presented to the pope in 2005.

The nine-course kaiseki dinner is available for ¥27,000. All dishes reflect the high quality of the ingredients and the refined skills of the experienced chefs.

The entire course of kobachi (appetizer), suimono (clear soup), yakimono (grilled item), mushimono (steamed dish), sunomono (pickled dish), seafood, both fillet and loin of Yebisu beef, grilled vegetables, Mikohara rice, miso soup and pickles, fruit with coffee or tea are beautifully presented.

Seasonal ingredients are carefully selected from all over Japan. In June, nodoguro (rock fish) is featured in a few course dishes and in July, hamo (conger eel) will be offered as a seasonal delicacy.

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