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The Panhead’s Heaven Saloon

Review excerpt: The first time I visited Panhead’s was more than five years ago, but not much has changed. Even back then it was the burgers that lured me. Panmas has been making his style of burgers — “artisanal” burgers with an emphasis on unrestrained indulgence — well before the current craft-burger boom.

The other thing to note is that though the portions are enormous, the price isn’t: His most expensive burger — almost as big as a Harley — is ¥1,200. If you’re going all out, and I recommend you do, you’ll be choosing between the aforementioned Cheese-Bomb Burger Special or the 5inch Burger Special.

Here’s how they measure up: By height they both clock in at almost 13 centimeters with patties that are at least 5-cm tall. In the calorie race, they’re nearly tied, and they take about 20 to 25 minutes to cook (and as long again to eat).

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