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This is a modestly sized restaurant, which is lucky for the server, who more than likely covers a half marathon in the course of a day’s work. It is dominated by a counter with seating for eight and two tables at the back. And it was a full house when I dined there. Hashinaga’s addition to the Michelin food bible notwithstanding, I imagine he’s not short of patrons as he offers one of the most affordable, delicious and unstuffy kaiseki (traditional multi-course meals) lunch courses in Kyoto. Whereas many kaiseki restaurants serve up an atmosphere of monastic silence, Hashinaga’s was chatty — the jazz piano soundtrack helped. For lunch, there are two prix-fixe menus (¥2,000 and ¥3,500), with more options at dinner (¥4,000, ¥5,500 and ¥8,000).