Editorials Jul 5, 2019

Get Japan-South Korea diplomacy back on track

It's time to make more serious efforts to restore Tokyo-Seoul relations, and the first step that must be taken is for South Korea to promptly agree to hold talks with Japan over the wartime labor issue, as called for under the 1965 agreement.

Editorials Jul 2, 2019

Trump's reality TV at the DMZ

While history was being made at the DMZ on Sunday, an old danger persists: Trump's hunger for a deal will result in the legitimation of North Korea's nuclear program.

Helping foreign residents learn Japanese

Editorials Jun 27, 2019

Helping foreign residents learn Japanese

The enactment of a new law that spells out the government's responsibility to ensure adequate Japanese language education for residents from overseas is a step forward. Policy actions and funding to back it up must now follow.