The May 31 article “India's ‘pride’ will be defended in new China border flare-up, defense chief says” presents a very clear picture of the Indo-Chinese border in a neutral way. There is speculation that the growing relationship between India and the United States is the cause of Chinese anxiety. It is likely that China is alarmed by the prospect of India, the U.S., Japan and Australia working together in the South China Sea. While the U.S. and Japan can provide the technological dominance for such an alliance, India can bring in the much-needed human resources.

Indians are very upset by the Chinese cover-ups of the coronavirus. Further, Chinese investors have tried to take over Indian companies during the downturn. This has created suspicions about Chinese motivations and hence the time is right for a strong anti-Chinese coalition.

The world has lost hundreds of thousands of people and the Chinese need to be held accountable. It is understood that the Chinese elites in power do not want to be held accountable and their anxiety is evident in the border flare-up with India.

Perhaps it is high time that the free world, led by the U.S., U.K., Europe and Japan, helps developing countries such as India, the Philippines and Vietnam, to name a few, in quickly neutralizing Chinese aggression. Perhaps, any product with advanced technology needs to be banned from being manufactured in China. The free world needs to stop financing the Chinese communist juggernaut while there is still time.

Perhaps the coronavirus is a wake-up call, not just for Indians but for the whole world. Having lost our elderly to the neglect of the Chinese, we can handle the austerity of a trade or any other war with China. Thanks for writing about the Chinese aggression and waking up the world.

Gaurav Pandey
New York

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