In the space of a few days, the government response to the current health crisis exposed many of its deep-rooted inadequacies.

Just a few weeks ago, when the world finally admitted there was a serious crisis looming, the prime minister insisted that the Chinese leader should still come to Japan for the security of Asia, or some such rhetorical excuse.

He has continued in the same vein for several weeks, although even an idiot would realize that the health crisis is the security issue.

The decision to quarantine people for 14 days coming to Japan from China and other countries seen as high risk, announced March 5, is just one of countless examples of the government’s belated, inadequate and illogical response to the coronavirus. Almost everyone in Japan is being adversely affected by such a callous administration.

The LDP has cemented its throttle hold on Japanese media and politics by dismembering and dismantling all opposition, so that the populace doesn’t even have real choice when it comes to a viable alternative, leaving the government with carte blanche to do what it likes without accountability, the pillar of democracy.

The misuse and incompetent waste of public funds is only the tip of the corruption iceberg. No receipts are required for the fraudulent use of discretionary funds or the insane amounts of money being spent on re-arming.

Worst of all is the government’s relentless pursuit of lethal nuclear power, and 21st century neo-militarism by tearing up Article 9 of the Constitution, the only ray of hope in a country that has already lost so much and so many to war. What he will do behind the public’s back when he declares a state of emergency is a 1984 nightmare.

Recently the prime minister sent a destroyer into international waters on a “peace” mission — so why do they need guns? George Orwell would be turning in his grave if he could see the current state of Japan’s doublethink.


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