As time goes by, the advent of more sophisticated technology has surprised us and is making our daily life more convenient. Thanks to the talented inventors, gadgets including smartphones make it possible for anyone to start up their own business regardless of the size and realize our longtime dreams.

However, it seems there are no easy answers for breaking the obsession that too many high school students have for their smartphones, which impacts both their relationships and scholastic work.

The internet makes it easier for them to make friends beyond their physical proximity, which I feel is a good thing. On the other hand, the serious problems related to internet communications among youngsters have been left unaddressed for too long. Making it worse, the victims of this negligence usually turn out to be the youngest generation — children.

As a result, the younger generation starts to form cliques and eliminate their unfavorable friends, which leads to bullying in schools. They often use Google translation to do their homework for English class. They can buy anything they want behind their parents’ backs. According to a recent survey, female high schoolers spend an average of seven to eight hours a day using a smartphone.

If we are really concerned about the future of humanity, the way we educate and discipline our children should be changed from the current status quo. Otherwise, they ultimately won’t understand the meaning of studying, seeing their parents enjoying only fun things for themselves at home while their humanoid robots work outside, do the housework and raise their children around the clock. Subsequently, they will copy how their parents live. Isn’t it frightening to imagine how our children will live their lives?


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