Having lost several extended-family members to cancer, I can totally feel for Masamitsu Yamamoto in his fight against liver cancer (“One man’s battle to use medical pot,” June 27). As much as I am against marijuana and other drugs, it would be heartless to deny him access to pot if it truly did help him. Someone like him obviously isn’t just looking to party or get high.

I hear that in California, to obtain a medical marijuana card, a person need only complain of “pain,” which is impossible to diagnose and easy to fake. Nobody can seriously say that this system isn’t being abused by addicts, most of whom any drug counselor will tell you are very good con artists.

I think Yamamoto should be allowed to grow marijuana at home for his own use if it makes him feel better and slows his cancer. But let’s face it — while some people are genuinely concerned about people like Yamamoto, others simply exploit their situation to push the legalization of getting high.

Jennifer Kim

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