A call to all cooks about tuna

Because of the over-fishing of one of our most amazing and tasty fish, bluefin tuna stocks have fallen to dangerously low levels. Its natural habitats, the North Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea, are being ruthlessly and, sometimes, illegally, exploited as the fish is served up in sushi and sashimi dishes throughout the world.

As a result, this species is in serious risk of extinction. If we do not turn this trend around, this gift of nature will not only eventually disappear from our dishes but, even worse, it may be dragged out of our seas and oceans forever.

I urge all cooks (especially those in Asia) to look for alternative ingredients for their dishes, perhaps sushi and sashimi with tasty red meat peppers instead of Mediterranean tuna. This will enable us to save this threatened species.

marti gassiot
barcelona, spain

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  • MarkDonners

    Japan has very little ethics or morals left. It is a renegade nation based on greed and has no culture left (copying the degraded condition of most of today’s “modern” Asia) Japan’s psychotic greed is obvious when Japan can be seen shouting warlike threats against most of the civilized world when they tell Japan to show some civilized behavior, and to stop inflicting cruelty and death on whales and dolphins and stop sending Japan’s criminal corporations to destroy the future of our earth and its oceans. Japan and many other Asian renegade nations have been isolated from the world because of such greedy arrogance.