Regarding the Oct. 12 article “Police partially blame stalking slaying to cellphone mixup”: What a headline! So, if only the Mitaka police had had Charles Thomas Ikenaga’s telephone number [instead of his friend’s], there never would have been a savage murder right in front of the victim’s home.

Such a pathetic excuse. It makes the victim’s violent death all the more tragic. Is Saaya Suzuki being blamed for her own death? The headline should read: “Police partially blame their own stupidity and arrogance for stalking murder of young high school girl.”

Cellphones can take all the guesswork out of police investigations. Forget about telephoning a stern warning to a stalker who has threatened to kill someone. Go after the crazy bastard and detain him for questioning. What’s wrong with the rabbit-like police officers in Mitaka? Stalking is a crime. Enforce the law.

Don’t pussyfoot around with phone calls and letter writing like you’re asking someone out on a first date. Confront the stalker. And if he has threatened to kill someone, arrest him for criminal intent or intent to commit murder. Japan does have such a law, yes?

robert mckinney
otaru, hokkaido

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