Regarding the Sept. 6 editorial “No quick fix for Fukushima leaks“: The water treatment, referred to as “ALPS” is simply an old technology using something called “ion exchange.” This is not rocket science, and is similar to technology used in under the sink water filters, the kind that are used for a short time and then thrown away. According to information released by TEPCO, their filters have to get thrown away every two to three days, and there looks like there are thousands of them. There is a new technology, called capacitive deionization, that can be re-used because it regenerates itself electronically, while creating a concentrated liquid waste. It has only recently been introduced to the market, but I imagine that it would be possible to locate some that could be drop-shipped. However, first, the powers that be have to apprise themselves about what may already be available.

marc andelman
Worcester, Massachusetts

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