Foreign meddling led to wars

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s June 13 article, “The trouble within Islam,” is dripping with unintended irony. He slams the Mideast, Muslim countries particularly, for being incompatible with a modern, pluralistic world. The problem with this is that the Middle East is a huge chunk of our world, with millions upon millions of people, and this is their world as well as ours.

He seems to imply that it is the West’s job to dictate to the rest of the world what kind of governments and societies they should have. This is Blair’s blunder. After the failure of the Iraq and Afghan wars, Blair still hasn’t learned that intervention is counterproductive and deadly. The most repulsive thing he says is that Iraq and Afghanistan were fought because “We allowed failed states to come into being.” No, those wars were fought because meddling foreign imperialist powers such as the United States and the United Kingdom think that it is OK to violate another country’s sovereignty.

The U.K. alone has a history of cutting up the Middle East to suit its interests, and is partially responsible for the instability there.

It is high time that the West abandon its own state-sponsored terror and warmongering and start working, instead, on solving its problems at home. Intervention just creates more resentment, death and poverty. If Blair wants to know who or what caused the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, he should look in the mirror.

timothy bedwell
tokorozawa, saitama

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  • KAB

    While the invasion of Iraq was clearly an aggressive and unprovoked move, the same cannot be said of Afghanistan, which (while misguided in its execution) was provoked by terrorist attacks on the U.S. The reasons for the two couldn’t be more different and lumping them together is foolish.

    • timthesocialist

      That’s not true at all. The people they fought in Afghanistan were the very same people who the US trained and gave weapons to in the proxy war against the USSR. See how these things come back to bite us?

  • Starviking

    It’s not just the UK which has a history of cutting up the Middle East: Turkey, France, Egypt, and Israel ( with US support) have all tried to grab pieces of real estate there. At least the UK left of their own free will.