No offense taken to ‘that guy’

When I spotted the June 9 letter titled “An offensive religious reference” and noticed that Amy Chavez’s June 1 column, “Everyone’s own path to enlightenment,” was mentioned, I wondered if I had slipped into another dimension.

I’ve been reading Chavez for years, and I cannot see what could have prompted such a letter. If the writer of the letter, Brian Redmond, thinks that Christians must be offended and hurt because Chavez referred to Jesus as “that guy on the cross,” then he has little faith in Christians’ faith. Is their faith so weak that such a sentence is going to hurt them?

Allow me to shed a few fake tears. Allow me to be disappointed that The Japan Times decided to publish such a bigoted view. Allow me to express my weariness with Christians who often play the victim card in order to have everybody walk on eggshells around them. It’s a very efficient bullying technique.

drusilla de lanor

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