Trained to just put up with it

I am a 53-year-old Japanese man who went though this system. Many of us recipients of taibatsu (corporal punishment) might say years later that it was good for us. But please note that saying otherwise would be to admit that we were physically and emotionally abused for nothing and didn’t have the guts to fight back. That would be very painful. We at least want to feel that it did something positive, toughened us up or something.

In reality, however, it made us timid when faced with abuse of power. We were trained to just put up with it.

name withheld
from the japan times online

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  • Hillel Weintraub

    It seems like we’ve all been bought by one system or another in one way or another … How convenient it is for the powers that be in every country/culture that most of us stay quiet and subdued in the face of injustice, bullying, discrimination. For one take on this see John Carpenter’s “They Live”.